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Wine Pairings

The aromas and flavor of Ibérico bellota ham may be best savored when accompanied by a good bread and a good wine. You need nothing more.

Many red wines and dry white wines pair well, but best pairing of all may be a dry fino sherry or a crisp manzanilla. Beer is an excellent choice to accompany jamon dishes that are hot or spicy, and with all the varieties of smoked jamon and sausages.

Spain's wine scene has exploded over the last twenty years. Experienced wine producers are blending their personal touch with modern methods to take advantage of the amazing variety of microclimates of Spain. The result has been hundreds of world class wineries producing a wide range of styles.

Some of the classic styles of wine and sherry are excellent accompaniments to ham. Bone dry Manzanilla or Fino sherry, when served chilled, have a perfect clean refreshing flavor to contrast with the salty complexities of cured ham on a hot summer day.

The refreshing white wines of Spain are also a good compliment to Serrano ham, especially Albariño and Verdejo varieties.

The bold wines of Ribeira del Duero, Toro and Rioja compliment the dark flavorful Iberico ham perfectly in the fall and winter, when the full flavors can warm your soul. Chorizo sausages will also hold up very well to a strong red.

So as a rule of thumb, Jamon Serrano is a good pairing with lighter wines, and the deep flavor of Iberico ham is better paired with a wine that can hold its own.