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Sobrasada Mallorcan-Style Semi-Soft Chorizo by Peregrino

Sobrasada Mallorcan-Style Semi-Soft Chorizo by Peregrino

Spreadable Sausage - Free-Range Pork, U.S. Made

  • Soft, spreadable - delicious toasted on bread
  • From a traditional Mallorcan recipe
  • Free-range pork
  • U.S. made with Spanish spices
  • Size - 1 lb/450 gr

Spread on crusty bread and toasted until it melts, there is no other sausage from Mallorca more typical than sobrasada (locally known as sobreasada).

Sobrasada is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands, and Peregrino Sobrasada is as authentic as you will find in the U.S.

Our producer started with a treasured family recipe from a friend, Padre Miguél, a native of Mallorca, and followed it faithfully.

Starting with premium quality free-range pork, they add a little sea salt, sun dried paprika from Murcia, a pinch of garlic and hojiblanca olive oil.

The result is so good, that the government of Mallorca chose this domestic sobrasada when they sponsored a food promotion in the United States.

Because of their balmy semi-tropical climate, islanders on Majorca and Menorca are unable to fully dry-cure their meat, as is done on the mainland. Instead, they preserve their meat by mixing it with a local type of paprika and age it for a short time.

The result is sobrasada, a finely ground soft pork sausage of excellent quality. It is unique for its soft-spreadable texture, and is used for cooking or as a spread. About 2.5 inches thick.

The original sobrasada is made from the meat of a black pig, native to the Balearic Islands. At this time it cannot be exported to the U.S.

Customer Reviews

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    "Excellent I grew up eating this spanish product in Jayuya Puerto Rico. My Grandparents came from Spain so this was a daily product at their house."

    Tegobi - Gainesville, FL - Feb 18, 2018

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    "Never saw spreadable chorizo before so tried this. Is wonderful, taste is excellent and will find many uses for this product. Arrived still chilled and in good condition. Pricy but well worth it."

    Janet - East Liverpool, OH - Dec 14, 2017

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    "Very nice spread. Works with fried rice, too. "

    Jovey Martir - Severn, MD - Oct 22, 2017

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    "Spectacular, my favorite charcuterie item, and it is the very original and famous one"

    matilde alberny - new orleans, LA - Jan 8, 2017

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    "One of my weaknesses; this product did not disappoint. Excellent!"

    Nacho - East Rutherford, NJ - Dec 25, 2016

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    "Buenísima la sobrasada!!!! Hacía años que no comía y no decepcionó, todo lo contrario. Exactamente lo q buscaba. "

    Macarena - NY, NY - Dec 18, 2016

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    "I just love this!!!!!!"

    I.G - Salt Lake, UT - Dec 11, 2016

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    "Very disappointed, We have ordered Sobrasada before and we love it, but you most have a new brand and it taste a lot like vinegar."

    Arantxa - Houston, TX - Nov 26, 2016

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    "Riquísimo. Como si estuviese de vuelta en España, gozando de un buén bocadillo al mediodia."

    Maria - Arlington, VA - Feb 3, 2016

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    "Close enough to an authentic sobrasada from Mallorca. I use it in small portions to add some flavor and spice to a variety of dishes: from grilled shrimp to fresh pasta... One tip: when using tomato sauce, cut this sobrasada in tiny cubes and slow cook it. It will make a simple sauce taste rich, flavorful, subtly exquisite. "

    Marta - New York, NY - Oct 16, 2015

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    "Excelente... gracias"

    Francisco Serrano - Baton Rouge, LA - Jul 12, 2015

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    "Good product but not as fresh as I expected."

    Maria Daniel - Rosharon , TX - Jun 14, 2015

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    "It can only get better in Spain, but it is very close. The service was excellent!"

    Jose Santini - San Juan, FL - Feb 22, 2015

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    "Very tasty."

    SARAH CROWE - EAST AURORA, NY - May 27, 2013

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    "This sobrasada is flavorful and delicious, slightly sauteed with a pair of fried eggs!"

    Miguel Herce - Brookline, MA - Mar 18, 2013

  • avatar

    "Pretty authentic!"

    ANA BAYLIN - ANN ARBOR, MI - Mar 17, 2013

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    "SO good, there is nothing like it."

    Lupeta Mahoney - Big Pine, CA - Mar 11, 2013

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    Mona Brown - Cincinnati, OH - Feb 10, 2013

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    "It has been over 50 years since we had sobressada and it brought back all the good memories associated with it."

    PiedsNoirs in Florida - Fernandina Beach, Florida - Jan 6, 2013

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    "Worth to try tris product but still need to improve flavor and softnes. Maybe you should import some batches of the black mallorquin sobrasada"

    Vicente - Vienna, Virginia - Jan 6, 2013

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    "The sobrasada was verry good, a little hard but good and good size and price."

    Eva - Purcellville, Virginia - Jul 9, 2012

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    "Growing up in Germany we spent our summers in Mallorca, Spain, where we learned to love good sobrasada. As with every food item, there are different grades of sobrasada as well. When I first ordered this one I was almost moved to tears. The quality of this sobrasada ranks right up there with the best I have ever sampled."

    Marcus Lindemann - Bradenton, Florida - May 20, 2012

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    "We are from Valencia and this Morcilla is very close to the ones we get when we visit my home town. We love it."

    Josephine - Aug 30, 2011

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    "Tasty, though a bit gristly for a spread. I remember the sobrasada I had as a kid in Valencia, and it was smooth almost like pate. "

    Richard - Feb 6, 2011

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    "Great sobrasada, really accurate recipe like sobrasada from mallorca. Perfect to use with your favourite tapas recipes, as a pate spreading on a toast, or cut a slice of sobrasada and put it on the top of an egg while you are frying it. It'll add an incredible flavor to your sunny side up eggs."

    Manel - Dec 6, 2010

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    "It is not bad though you should know its made in the US, not in Spain. Naturally, I've had much better but it is fairly good."

    Miriam - Dec 1, 2010

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    "I have longed for sobrasada since I returned from living in Lleida. I was so excited that I could get this and it was every bit as wonderful as I remember."

    L. - Sep 26, 2010

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    "Very subtle flavour."

    Rob - Sep 7, 2010

  • avatar

    "this product tastes just like the sobrasada I grew up with I am glad I can get it from La Tienda "

    antonia - Jan 24, 2010

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