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Bocadillo Rolls by Peregrino (6 Rolls)

Bocadillo Rolls by Peregrino (6 Rolls)

Traditional White Bread from Galicia

All Natural

  • Pre-baked rolls, finish at home
  • Golden crunchy crust with soft interior
  • Made by artisans in Spain
  • 6 rolls, each about 8 inches long
  • Keep frozen until ready to bake

An intoxicating aroma will fill your home as this traditional Spanish bread finishes baking in your oven. When ready, a golden brown, crunchy crust seals in the fluffy interior. Hear the crackle as you break into the roll and release pockets of aromatic steam that will make your mouth water. Enjoy a traditional Spanish bocadillo sandwich by drizzling olive oil onto the bread and adding slices of jamón or Manchego cheese.

Not all bread is created equal. This specimen, from a traditional, family-owned bakery in Galicia, is unmatched in its aroma, texture and flavor. The thin crust is just crunchy enough to add texture without being tough or messy. The inside is light with large air pockets that capture the fragrance of baked bread and create perfect reservoirs for holding accompanying oil or spreads.

Bocadillo sandwiches are popular in much of Spain and ubiquitous in Galicia. If you have visited the city or made the historic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela to admire the architecture or feed your spirituality, you will remember this bread that accompanies many of their regional specialties. If not, close your eyes and inhale as you bite into these bocadillo rolls and let the flavor guide your imagination there.

Peregrino is our own brand of Spanish culinary specialties. From our decades of travel around Spain, we have identified the gastronomic treasures of the region and bring them to you at a good price.

Customer Reviews

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    "Great authentic pan español"

    Guillermo - Williamsburg, VA - Jan 19, 2018

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    "Really good!!"

    Mary - Houston, TX - Jan 19, 2018

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    "Just delicious bread, makes wonderful sandwiches."

    Carmen - Fort Pierce, FL - Jan 19, 2018

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    "These have become a staple for us. They bake up tender centered and crunchy crusted as advertised. Try them - they are goooood!"

    Patti - Brooklyn, NY - Aug 13, 2017

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    "The taste is divine, but I've had trouble mastering the heating. "

    SusanG - Norwich, VT - Jul 7, 2017

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    "I always order these instead of buying full size baguettes. They are a perfect size for sandwiches like grilled sausage. I recommend freezing them and then thawing them for use and giving them 5 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees to crisp them a little"

    Bruce - Silver Spring, MD - Jul 7, 2017

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    "The Bread is so good, so soft, take it out of the oven with some butter, Serrano Jamon and with smoked cheese, what a tasty breakfast sandwich or lunch and dinner. Always my favorite. "

    Barbara Barto - F.T. Worth, TX - Apr 23, 2017

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    Cristina - Minneapolis, MN - Feb 12, 2017

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    Marilee R Pape - Barrington, IL - Jan 29, 2017

  • avatar

    "Wonderful!!! "

    Nancy Pichiotino - Harbor Springs, MI - Jan 27, 2017

  • avatar

    "Perfect sandwich rolls"

    Bruce - SILVER SPRING, MD - Dec 11, 2016

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    "This bread is fantastic. We enjoy it with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese or right out of the oven. My Grand daughter loves it. I have to hide it if I want to get any."

    Smitty - Mitchellville - Nov 21, 2016

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    "The best."

    Alvaro - Atlanta, GA - Nov 16, 2016

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    "Ahhh, bocadillos! Baked up perfectly (needed a lottle more cook time than the instructions stated, and that could have just been my oven but, there is nothing like that crusty outside that scrapes the top of my mouth so I can feel it or days afterward followed by the moist, soft interior. Loved it!!"

    RandyH. - Jaffrey, NH - Nov 11, 2016

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    "The Bocadillo is absolute OUTSTANDING! I only took a chance on it because I am so fond of bread, but I will surely be ordering more."

    Craig Easson - SHUSHAN, NY - May 29, 2016

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    "The bocadillo rolls taste great, bake up nicely and keep in the freezer."

    James Dejongh - Bronx, NY - May 22, 2016

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    "One of our favorites"

    Frances G PETRILLO - PEARL RIVER, NY - May 15, 2016

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    "My favorite thing in Spain was bread and these brought that back."

    Jane Hough - Camden, SC - May 1, 2016

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    "The best bread ever. Froze it and when I want to treat my family for an special, just bake it for 12 minutes, slice, put some slices of Baby Manchego cheese and "Enjoy""

    Alice Ortega - Newton, MA - Jan 3, 2016

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    "I will order them again! "

    Adelona Serrano - Valrico, FL - Dec 14, 2015

  • avatar

    "Again so delicious. Crispy and good. Worth the money."

    Isabel Castro - FREDERICK, MD - Dec 13, 2015

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    "Tastes like they are fresh from the bakery in Spain."

    JANET - Ellicott City, MD - Sep 25, 2015

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    "The best always, and that is why we purchase them "


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    "Almost as good as I remembered having them while stationed in Spain. These are super fresh and noty as chewy as the ones I remember. Would like to order on a regular basis but seem to be always out of stock. Loved them."

    Fred Helyes - Amherst, OH - Sep 25, 2015

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    "With a little jamon serrano and some thin slices of manchego you can't go wrong."

    Peter D Colon - SUMMERVILLE, SC - Jul 14, 2015

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