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Huelva changes their D.O. to 'Jabugo'

Posted June 21, 2016

This discrepancy between the popular use of the word Jabugo and the official designation of PDO Jamón de Huelva has led the latter’s Regulatory Board to ask that its name be officially changed to PDO Jabugo. The other reason for the change has to do with protecting and restricting the use of this term, which is currently used indiscriminately. In the words of the president of the Regulatory Board, José Antonio Pavón Domínguez, the decision was clear. "Which name has the best positioning and is most closely linked with the ham produced in our geographic area for both Spanish and international consumers? Jabugo. And is this name being used by anyone, anywhere, in reference to any type of ham made anywhere in the world? The answer is an emphatic yes!" Though the change was approved last year by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, the publication of the new name by the European Union Commission is still pending. Pavón comments that, "At the Regulatory Board we are working [under the assumption] that the name change will be registered by the next montanera season, but logically, it depends on the European Union’s timetable."


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