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The internet revolution

Posted December 05, 2007

The jamones Iberico are truly here in the United States, after all these years of the family quest. It is hard to comprehend. I think back to the various places members of our family went, and the people we visited in as varied places as Jabugo, Pozoblanco, Utiel, Guijuela, Cáceres, La Alberca etc. The quest has been a wonderful experience in and of itself, but to actually have it reach fruition is especially satisfying.

Jose Andres will perform the ceremonial first carving of an Iberico ham in North America, at his restaurant Jaleo in Washington DC.

He is the perfect person to be addressing the press on this occasion. He is a lover of people, has a vibrant approach to life that is contagious. Much of his waking hours are devoted to the spreading of the good news of healthy Spanish cuisine.

We can hardly wait to begin the shipping out of the very first jsamones to arrive in American homes. That is one of the great beauties of the Internet -- it is so egalitarian. If you are a lover of an exquite jamon Iberico you are not inhibited by location. You don't have to live in cosmopolitan surroundings to satisfy refined tastes.

Since about ten years ago you have been able to have your cake and eat it too (to mix metaphors). You are able to enjoy the wide open spaces, yet satisfy your sophisticated palate. You can have the good things of life - whether you live in Minot or Manhattan. That is quite a revolution.