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Bellotas are released!

Posted July 23, 2008

Today (Tuesday) the first Jamón Ibérico de Bellotas have been released from US customs. Next week we will be visiting the NY warehouse where they are temporarily being stored and bring many of them to La Tienda. 

Starting next Wednesday we will begin delivering about 400 Bellota Pata Negra hams across the United State to our many loyal subscribers who put money on the barrel head - thus hastening the day that we are now experiencing. They are true culinary pioneers!

The Harris Family of La Tienda became seriously involved in the quest for Iberico in 1997-8. It was just after we sent the first jamon serranos across America. 

Our next step was to build on that experience in order to bring in the most prized of all hams. It took over 10 years of effort. We effected lots of travel and met lots of fine Spaniards. 

In the end the arrival of the first jamones involved the cooperation of three key people: Santiago Martín and his family back at Jamones Fermin in La Alberca; Taylor Griffin of Rogers International whose company is experienced in importing gourmet meats; and our irrepressible friend Jose Andres whose enthusiasm for Spanish cuisine knows no limits. (If you have a chance, check out his new show "Made in Spain" on PBS HD -- it is as informative as it is entertaining.) 

Together they form Fermin USA which has now succeeded in introducing the first legal jamon Iberico Bellota since the tme of the Conquistadores.