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Know what you are getting.

Posted November 13, 2007

From the beginning of our quest I have been concerned that people will be able to sort through the complexity of the subject of Spanish hams. It has taken us many years in the trenches to understand it ourselves. In particular I worry that a person thinks he is economizing when he is actually getting a different product that will be disappointing to him.

For example, a jamon serrano is a completely differet ham that any of the Iberico hams. Because it is less expensive, does that mean that Jamon serrano is a budget purchase? Certainly not, it means that it is a different product, raised a different way from a different source.

One could triple the price he paid for a Jamon serrano and it still would not be comparable to a jamon Iberico. Pigs do not change their hoofs, any more than leopards change their spots!

I am sure most of you understand this. But what about jamon Iberico and jamon Iiberico Bellota? Unlike the jamon serrano which comes from a white pig, are not the Ibericos not the same animal, whether or not they are Bellota? 

Yes they are genetically the same, but that huge amont of acorns ingested by the Bellota produces a significantly different ham. We all know that corn fed beef is a different product than range bred beef. So it is from the two Iberico hams.